The 12th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Composite Materials

2019. 12. 5 ~ 7
Changwon Exhibition Convention Center (CECO), Changwon, Korea

Oral presentation

B-01 Hitoshi SAWADA, Kenjiro SUGIO, Yongbum CHOI, Gen SASAKI (Hiroshima University)
Development Of High Strength And High Thermal Conductivity Mold Material With Hetero Structure
B-02 Yujiao KE, Kazuhiro MATSUGI, Yongbum CHOI(Hiroshima University) Both Effects Of Powder Mixing And Spark Sintering For 30vol.%TiB2 Strengthened Steels With Ti Macro-Alloying MMCs 
B-04 Shunsuke FUJII, Kenjiro SUGIO, Yongbum CHOI, Gen SASAKI (Hiroshima University)
Effect Of Surface Structure Of Carbon Materials On Reactivity For Iron 
B-05 Takuya KAWATA, Kenjiro SUGIO, Yongbum CHOI, Gen SASAKI (Hiroshima University) Relationship Between Effective Thermal Conductivity And Interfacial Thermal Resistance Of Al-AlN And Al-Si Composites
B-08 Xuan MENG, Yongbum CHOI, Kazuhiro MATSUGI(Hiroshima University) Effect Of Matrix On Characteristics For Multipurpose Of Carbon Short Fiber Reinforced Composite
C-17 Shinji WATANABE, Kenjiro SUGIO, Yongbum CHOI, Gen SASAKI (Hiroshima University)Preparation Of Almina Short Fiber Dispersed Aluminum Alloy Composites With Functional Gradient Structure
C-19 Koyo FUJIMURA, Kenjiro SUGIO, Gen SASAKI, Yongbum CHOI (Hiroshima University) Characteristics Of The Carbon Nanofibre Dispersed Copper Composites Prepared By Spark Plasma Sintering

Poster presentation

P-01 Yusuke SETO, Yongbum CHOI, Kazuhiro MATSUGI, Kenjiro SUGIO (Hiroshima University) Development Of Manufacturing Process Of Porous AlN Reinforced Fe Matrix Composite
P-17 Poster Paper Awards Yosuke DOBASHI, YongBum CHOI, Kazuhiro MATSUGI, Gen SASAKI (Hiroshima University) Manufacturing Process Of Graphene Reinforced Metal Matrix Composite With High Volume Rate Of Graphene


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